Whilst finding and listing any Stats 21 errors in your data is easy in KeyACCIDENT, resolving these can be a tricky process. Again, it is easy to access any collision in which an error has been identified, but some are easy to figure out what the resolution may be than others. For example, if a collision has been recorded as having occurred at a junction, both a first road class/number and one for the second, intersecting road must be recorded. If one is missing this is a Stats 21 error, so filling in the second road's details will resolve the error. Some, however, are more 'esoteric'! Lastly, some errors are just a call to query the validity of the data, such as driver's age. It is stated in Stats 21 that 'IF 2.5 (Type of Vehicle) = 02-05, 08-11, 17-21, 23, 97 or 98 THEN query 2.22 [the driver's age] if less than 16'. So this is not strictly an error and you won't want to change the age, if under 16, if this was the actual age of the driver.