Posted Mon, 29 Jul 2019 12:29:52 GMT by Kevin Skillings Highways England Principal Engineer - Road Safety

Something I've mentioned before is asking that any changes made to the vehicle manoeuvre symbols in stick or balloon diagrams are saved back to the database. This is not a request that the data is changed but that vehicle manoeuvre symbols that are moved, rotated, scaled, etc. to make sense of the balloon or stick diagram could be saved as additional information and accessed when it the record is plotted again.

KeyACCIDENT does a good job of presenting a lot of information diagramaticaly, but it usually depends on a user reading the collision description and adjusting the diagram to match. That can take quite a lot of time and it's a shame that the information isn't stored and reused next time someone's search produces the same record.

What do others think?
Posted Mon, 05 Aug 2019 16:09:43 GMT by Will Baron Keysoft Solutions Director
Hi Kevin,

A great suggestion as always, and thanks for using the forum. Hopefully others will comment and help us to shape KeyACCIDENT. It might get quite complicated to store all adjustments, such as a small move here and a slight rotation there. Perhaps one easy win might be to enable a snapshot of the edited manoeuvre to be captured as an image and, if an image has been stored, optionally for KeyACCIDENT to place this instead of the geometry it creates at present.?

Comments always welcome.

Thanks again for your feedback.
Will Baron

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