Posted Tue, 19 Nov 2019 11:54:53 GMT by Guy Pryer Staffordshire County Council Project Engineer

I regularly have to carry out design checks from developers for sign installations, unfortunately they don’t normally use KeyPOST and mainly the output supplied is from Buchanan SignLoad. I have noticed that when specifying V&G Himast posts, SignLoad allows use of a 600mm wide foundation with a cast in cradle, however even when using the cast in cradle in KeyPOST it is not possible to reduce the width to match to check validity of the proposal. I have looked on the V&G website and checked their data sheets it appears KeyPOST is defaulting to the drilled and set in resin for the wall thicknesses. 

Is it possible to add in a routine to specify cradle or drilled mounting? and to factor the wall thicknesses accordingly?

Also when swapping post sizes the cradle goes missing, is there any way to add the cradle back in without running autopost again?

Posted Mon, 25 Nov 2019 14:14:03 GMT by Will Baron Keysoft Solutions Director
Hi Guy,

The current data files for the Varley and Gulliver masts hold minimum foundation width for use with the FCL 'cast-in cradle' anchors. They are indeed storing the larger distances "for drilled and resin fixed anchors" and not the values for "cast-in anchors". The default assumption in KeyPOST for posts for which cradles are available is that the posts are used with them embedded by concrete cast in situ. The minimum width information will be changed accordingly in the new version and, when available (and tested) updated data files can be supplied on request. I hope this is OK.

Will Baron

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