Posted Wed, 07 Aug 2019 13:42:51 GMT by Colin Telfer North Yorkshire County Council Traffic Management & Road Safety Engineer
I have just finally upgraded to the latest version of Keysoft V19.6 after our wonderful IT department made it available.

Now experiencing differences in the copy paste command between Autocad on its own and Keysign.  Also finding it does not work very well wne trying to copy from Keysign drawing to Autocad drawing, i even had one dialog box crop up saying "copy to clipboard failed".  tried shutting it all down and reopening to no avail.

Normally in Autocad i highlight the items and then right click clipboard, copy with basepoint then paste or paste as block in the destination drawing.  When doing this for signs in Keysign this method does not work it asks you to select the objects after selecting the basepoint when the objects have already been previously selected. and it doesn't paste into the autocad drawing everytime, sometimes when it  does it moves the text etc to distort the desired image.

Why is it different?


Posted Thu, 15 Aug 2019 14:36:41 GMT by Alan Mason Keysoft Solutions
Hi Colin,  Thank you for posting to the forum.

At the moment there are some restrictions on pasting signs away from KeySIGN, especially using 'paste as a block'.  We are working on the issues and hope to have made some improvements for the next release.

In the meantime there are a couple of ways around this.
(1) Open the dwg where you are wanting to paste in KeySIGN.  Copy+paste should work OK from one KeySIGN drawing to another KeySIGN drawing. Even if you open a KeyLINES drawing in KeySIGN just to do the paste and then reopen it KeyLINES afterwards, that should work OK.
(2) Use the "Export Sign to acad format" menu item (or type EXPORTFORACAD). This will create a separate dwg (like wblock does) in which all the sign items have been turned into native acad objects.  You can then use the standard acad INSERT command to insert this dwg as a block into other drawings. Exporting this way will allow you to insert in plain AutoCAD away from KeySIGN.

Sorry to read about the difficulties you have experienced, and thanks for raising the issue so we can ensure things are better in the next update(s). I also hope the above with assist you until then.

Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.

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