Posted Thu, 20 Jun 2019 08:07:31 GMT by Chris Beech
When using KeySCAPE for paving, it can become a problem with the drawing regenerating at times.  Making certain changes to a model can cause the program to redraw all the patterns for all the paving, which in a large model can take quite sometime.  

I would suggest a button to initiate a redraw once all your changes have been made.

When we issue drawings for a scheme (which can be multiple drawings) all of which reference a paving model, it can be very time consuming opening each drawing, waiting for the paving to generate, PDF the drawing and close, for each drawing.  We have attempted to work around this by opening the drawings in full AutoCAD with no Keyscape functionality to process the drawings quicker but have found that any paving that has been given a colour by layer does not keep its colour.  Upon investigation (exploding the paving objects in autocad) we have found all patterns are defaulted to colours 8 & 9, which I assume are the colours they are originally drawn in and that KeySCAPE applies the colours of the layers upon opening the drawings?

Any advice or improvement to this would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,
Posted Thu, 20 Jun 2019 10:19:41 GMT by Mike Shilton
Hello Chris,

Thank you for posting on the Forum.

KeyPAVING, like all other AutoCAD and KeySCAPE objects, needs to rebuild itself on open and regeneration of the drawing. We only update KeySCAPE objects after they have been modified but the regeneration of the drawing is triggered by AutoCAD and over which we have little control. Regeneration of the model happens in various situations, often related to changing the display, e.g. thawing of layers, moving from Model to Layout, Zoom Extents, Plotting, etc. Whilst we can't stop our objects updating during this process, there are options within AutoCAD to mange when regenerations occur. These include:

REGENAUTO - set to OFF to inhibit the regeneration of the model until you use REGEN or REGENALL
OPTIONS>System>Layout Regen Options - set to 'Cache model and last layout' to speed up drawing open because AutoCAD only needs to load into memory (cache) the model and last layout, not all layouts. This does mean moving between layouts can be slower (because it needs to regenerate the new layout tab) but unless you are moving between layouts a lot, this setting will help you generally improve speed when opening drawings.

Within KeySCAPE v12.0, we have optimised the rebuilding of paving objects so it is twice as fast, which will speed up the regeneration time generally. This release is available to install from the logged in side of our support page.

When opening the drawing in AutoCAD alone all KeySCAPE objects appear as view only, proxy entities. In this state they are effectively images of the object so the individual elements no longer need to be drawn. This will limit the ability to edit the feature in the drawing but I am unable to repeat the issue you report where the paving pattern is ignoring the layer colour when set to 'By Layer'. If you change the layer colour within the AutoCAD drawing, the colour of the paving will not update because it is only an image (proxy entity) of the original paving object, as last saved in KeySCAPE. To update such as change, you will need to open the drawing again in KeySCAPE, when the paving updates to the new layer colour, and save this again. If you are seeing something different to this, please email the drawing to support@keysoftsolutions.comwith a brief description of the issue.

Also, if you have a significant number of drawings that need plotting, you may wish to explore the use of AutoCAD Sheet Sets and PUBLISH commands that allows you to attach and plot layouts from multiple drawings.

Mike Shilton,
Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions Ltd
Posted Fri, 21 Jun 2019 10:46:59 GMT by Chris Beech

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your response. That's really helpful.

To clarify the paving colour issue; If you were to open a KeyPAVING drawing in AutoCAD alone, the KeyPaving pattern does not reflect the colour of the pattern layer.  When you explode a paving (proxy) entity in AutoCAD alone, you will find that the pattern is set to colour 8 or 9, and not to 'by layer', which explains why the pattern is not taking the colour of the pattern layer.  Is there a way to set the pattern in a way that despite opening as a proxy entity, it is actually set to 'by layer' rather than colour 8 or 9?  It will then take on the layer colour in AutoCAD.

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