When using the new Hardworks features in KeySCAPE v12 , you notice missing symbols within  the selection dialogs and receive the 'Style Error' message below, when running the Symbol Specifier, Linear Specifier and Area Specifier commands.


KeySCAPE v12 includes new Hardworks symbols and styles that were not present in earlier versions. This issue is most likely because you have selected an application folder from an earlier version of KeySCAPE that does not include the new Hardworks symbols and styles, using 'Set App. Data Root Dir.' feature within the Configure KeySCAPE application.

To correct this, copy the Hardworks Styles and Symbols folders from the installed location (below) to the equivalent location of your shared/network folder, replacing the current folders:

C:\ProgramData\KeySCAPE Application Data 12\All Users\KeyHARDWORKS\Styles
C:\ProgramData\KeySCAPE Application Data 12\All Users\KeyHARDWORKS\Symbols


NOTE: We recommend you make a backup of your current network/shared folder structure before overwriting the files

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