You have several installations of KeySCAPE and wish to merge the softworks databases and share these in a common location with others in your team.



The default is to install the database locally so, unless KeySCAPE has been configured differently, any changes made will only be available on the local database. This means that others can't share your customisations. Also, if your hard drive fails and it is not backed up, you will lose any customisation.


We strongly recommend that the database is saved on a server, where it will be backed up and can be shared by others in the team. See: Share KeySCAPE Database


There is currently no option to merge databases but you can move the database location and combine content with others, as follows:

  1. On the computer that has the most customisation (plant lists, mixes, etc.), open KeySCAPE and go to Core>Main>Configure
  2. On the Softworks tab, next to ‘Database Name’ note the location and name of the database, typically:
    • Location: C:\ProgramData\KeySCAPE Application Data\All Users\KeySOFTWORKS\Database
    • Database Name: KSW_Database.mdb

    Note: if the location is already set to a shared location, go to step 7

  3. Start Windows Explorer, go the folder defined and copy the named database (.mdb)
  4. On the server (or shared PC), create an appropriately named folder and paste the database (.mdb) file here
  5. Whilst still in Configure, Softworks tab, next to Database Name, pick […]. Browse to and open the shared copy of the database
  6. Close the Configure dialog
  7. Note: This should now be using the shared copy of the database. Go to Softworks>Database Manager to confirm your customisations are still available.

  8. On the second computer, open KeySCAPE and go to Softworks>Database Manager>Planting List and Mix tabs
  9. Note: If no custom planting list or mix groups have been created, close the Database Manager dialog and continue to step 10

  10. On the Planting List tab, under the Groups window, pick Modify>Export Plant List Group and save the file to a known location. Repeat this for all remaining customised plant lists groups
  11. Whilst still in Database Manager, move to the Mix tabs and, if any customisations exist, use the respective Group>Modify>Export option to save the mix groups to a known location. Once all mixes and planting list groups have been exported, close the Database Manager
  12. Go to Core>Main>Configure
  13. Next to Database Name, pick […]. Browse to and open the database located at the shared location (Step 3)
  14. Close the Configure dialog
  15. Note: This should now be using the shared copy of the database. Go to Softworks>Database Manager to confirm you can see the customisations.

  16. Go to Softworks>Database Manager>Planting Lists tab and Mix tabs and this time, under the respective Groups window, pick Modify>Import, browsing to a opening each of the plant list and mix groups exported at steps 8 and 9. Close the Database Manager once all imports are complete
  17. Repeat steps 7 to 13 for any additional installations that wish to use or merge data with the shared KeySCAPE database


Warning: Saving the database to a file-sharing service, such as One Drive, Amazon Cloud, Dropbox or Google Drive, is not good practice as, these backup systems rely on synchronisation between the local and online copy. If the online connection is lost, there is a danger that when this connection is restored, the shared database is overwritten with your latest changes, losing changes that others may have made whist offline.


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