You need to use your Keysoft Solutions software at home to support the COVID-19 guidelines and wish to know whether this is possible and, if so, how.


Option 1:
Issue: Single-user license (perpetual or subscription) is activated on a computer which cannot be physically accessed to transfer the license.

Solution: Contact our support team who can deactivate your current license and issue you with a new activation code for use on an alternative computer where the software is installed. 
Subscription License Holders Only

If you have a Keysoft Solutions subscription license, you have the following additional options available to you: 

Option 2:
Issue: Single-user license does not work when remotely connecting to a computer in your office via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC). 
Solution: We have temporarily removed the remote connection restriction that prevented you from utilising the software in this way. This temporary benefit is available to subscription license holders only, with immediate effect.
To apply the change, simply refresh your license by deactivating and reactivating it on the desktop machine, where remote access is required, as described in Knowledge Base article ​KA-01025.

Option 3:
Issue: Multi-user (network) license which, due to limitations in your organisations’ infrastructure, cannot be accessed from home. 

Solution: If you can’t access your network license from home, your license administrator can request a number of free of charge, single-user, 3 month subscription licenses (one for each multi-user license) from the Keysoft Support team. These licenses are for home use only and can be transferred between different users within your organisation, as described in Knowledge Base article ​KA-01025.

Perpetual Licence Holders
If you have an existing Service Agreement that covers a Keysoft Solutions perpetual license and wish to take advantage of Options 2 & 3 outlined above, please contact our Sales Team at to discuss how to transition to a subscription license and make use of these additional benefits.
Important Information
With the exception of KeyPOST, KeySCAPE LT and KeyTREE LT, to run your Keysoft Solutions software on a home machine locally you will require a home use AutoCAD license, which you can request from your Autodesk Account portal or IT department. See also, Best practices for using Autodesk software when working remotely.
You will need to ensure that any home computer, where you wish to run the software, meets the recommended system requirements for the products you wish to install. Further information can be found in our Knowledge Base article KA-01116