• RE: KeyLINES wishes - add here

    Hi Alan, thanks for the response.
    with respect to the object snap, yes most of the time it does revert back to previous settings, but would it be possible to change the programme setting so that it doesn't turn them off, similar to the expert setting in KeySIGN, so the operator can choose which settings to use.
    WRT the cushions, that is what i have been doing, we have a similar guidance document in Staffs, that determines optimum spacing based on carriageway width and preffered widths of cushions relevant to the carriageway. Being able to manually adjust the spacing between them would be useful.
    Also relating to the cushions the base line doesn't match the outline of the cushion whenreducing it to the width of th cushion, meaning the snap grips are on one side just inst the side ramp and just outside on the other, minor glitch, but it means having to reposition the individual cushions to the correct postion. 
  • RE: KeyLINES wishes - add here

    Hi Alan, 
    would it be possible to have a setting in keylines to prevent the software from turning off the object snap settings, or at least to turn them back to user preferences once a command has been completed.
    Also would it be possible to increase the functionality of the speed cushion options to be able to change cushion spacing from each other, similar to being able to change the length and width?
  • KeyPOST V&G himast posts

    I regularly have to carry out design checks from developers for sign installations, unfortunately they don’t normally use KeyPOST and mainly the output supplied is from Buchanan SignLoad. I have noticed that when specifying V&G Himast posts, SignLoad allows use of a 600mm wide foundation with a cast in cradle, however even when using the cast in cradle in KeyPOST it is not possible to reduce the width to match to check validity of the proposal. I have looked on the V&G website and checked their data sheets it appears KeyPOST is defaulting to the drilled and set in resin for the wall thicknesses. 

    Is it possible to add in a routine to specify cradle or drilled mounting? and to factor the wall thicknesses accordingly?

    Also when swapping post sizes the cradle goes missing, is there any way to add the cradle back in without running autopost again?

  • RE: Keypost 4.0

    thanks for getting back to me, greatly appreciated.

  • Keypost 4.0

    Hi on installing and using Keypost 4.0, I find that whenever I use the "delete" key when manually changing information within a proposal the program tries to delete the element of the proposal that I am currently trying to edit, using back space works fine. Is this deliberate or something that can be fixed?