• RE: Planting mix: Selection of vegetation and rootball / pit sizes

    Hello Pedro,

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    We identified that the most likely and immediate need for detailed 3D is in relation to Specimen plants because these are likely to have a significant requirement for clash avoidance on projects. Adding more 3D content, the ability to control this per specification (above and below ground) and factoring in growth over time are all aspects we are researching and plan to include, initially within our KeySCAPE for Revit application that is planned for later this year. However, we are mindful of the impact on drawing speed and performance when modelling graphically complex landscapes in AutoCAD and/or Revit, especially when designing with large planting areas, mixed planting and when these are draped over a terrain. 

    Watch this space!

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    Mike Shilton, Product Director, Keysoft Solutions

  • Mike Shilton

    Hello Tamsin,

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    We have introduced a new, flexible grid display for v12 in response to many customer requests to control what columns are shown and the ordering of the data. Unfortunately, in Specification Manager, the new grid is not filtering out the different header text and picking this up as unique to other identical specifications when it shouldn't. I have added a feature request to correct this as soon as possible.


    Mike Shilton

    Product Director, Keysoft Solutions