• RE: Finer details of Keypost

    We do run courses, absolutely, in our fully equipped training suite, and can bring this out to customer offices if required. We haven't run an advanced course for KeyPOST yet as most elements of the software and design Standards etc. are covered in the first day. However, the finer points of how to get from a wind speed to a design pressure, using BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 (Eurocode 1), is not covered. This is because getting from a wind speed to the force on the structure involves many pieces of information, including for example the slenderness (aspect) ratio of the sign. Another thing to note is that the force used to calculate the design meets all parameters (classes) such as post bending or torsion, is different for the Ultimate Limit State (ULS) and for the Serviceability Limit State (SLS). All this means there isn't one loading appropriate for every sign at any given location for every class.