• RE: Covid 19 Temporary Signs

    Hi again,

    Well it is really great to hear the announcement today, it seems like we might be getting nearer to normal and hopefully one step closer to the end of all these restrictions.

    So if you want to change the 2m signage to 1m or 1m+, KeySIGN is always there to help you.

    Here is a dwg with the amended text, if that is what you are wanting to do.

    There are two versions of the dwg, The first one for version 20.0 and 20.1, the second one is for 19.3 onwards.

    Best Regards

    Alan Mason

  • RE: Covid 19 Temporary Signs

    Hi Benson,

    Thanks for posting to the forum,  it is a really good question.

    The dwg attached to the first post will only work with v20 (and v20.1) of KeySIGN. We have updated the fonts used in the text and updated the symbols (filling/unfilling) in v20, so the dwg is not backwardly compatible. The signs can be 'viewed' but will be proxy entities.

    However just for you and others I have now done the dwg in an earlier KeySIGN and earlier AutoCAD.
    The dwg attached to this reply will work with versions of KeySIGN from 19.3 onwards (and AutoCAD R2013 dwg format).

    Hope this helps.

    Alan Mason, Senior Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.
  • Covid 19 Temporary Signs


    The government recently released some advice on reallocating road space for Covid 19.  This included some examples of temporary signs that can be used. 

    Covid Temporary Signs

    These signs can easily be created inside KeySIGN, along with other variations if you so require.
    However,  I thought I'd share a DWG of these signs created in our KeySIGN v20, to save you a little time.

    Hope this is useful,
    (and hoping the signs are temporary)
    Stay safe,
    Alan Mason, Senior Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.

  • Sign Schedules - examples wanted

    Hi Everyone,

    Do you currently draw up sign schedules as part of your workload?
    We are currently working on including a 'Sign Schedule' creator within our KeySIGN product.

    We are fully aware that there are many different variants of what is required in such a 'schedule' to suite various organisational needs and standards.

    In order that KeySIGN can create such schedules to suite most users requirements, we would really like to see/have some examples of sign schedules showing what you currently do.

    So this an open plea to ask you to email some examples to Keysoft.  If you want KeySIGN to quickly produce a schedule very similar to your own standard schedule, then please send us one and we can see what columns you want be included.

    Many thanks
    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.
  • RE: Can you import .csv file for BIM

    Hi again Katherine,
    Can you explain a little more what you are wanting to achieve?
    If you are asking if KeySIGNALS can produce a .csv file as an alternative export for a BIM data system, then the answer is YES. On the 'Keysoft BIM 3D' menu there are four different export buttons and you will see the EXPORTTOCSV is there. However you will find that the csv file is mainly data orientated.
    If are wanting to import a csv into KeySIGNALS then this isn't possible as a csv file does not contain any graphical information that can be imported into a 3D modelling environment.
    I hope that makes sense,
    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.
  • RE: Feature Properties of pole

    Hi Katherine, thanks you for asking another question in the forum.
    There is no consideration to the distance a pole goes down into a socket below ground. Signal poles usually have a standard amount (unlike sign poles), and it is the socket that can be adjusted deeper in the ground. For this reason you will see that the socket does have a foundation volume that can be modelled in 3D in KeySIGNALS and the socket depth can be adjusted.
    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.
  • RE: Feature Properties of ducting

    Hi Katherine, thanks for another good question,
    The diameter is the model of the total 'duct run' rather than individual ducts.
    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.
  • RE: ANPR symbol

    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for posting about the ANPR symbol and sorry for the delay.
    The answer is YES, it is there but it is slightly hidden.

    You need to insert the normal CCTV symbol and then double click it.  There is an option in the CCTV properties to switch the text back and forth between ANPR and CCTV.

    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions
  • RE: KeyLINES wishes - add here

    Hi again Mike.

    Thanks for posting for posting a couple more good wish items. 

    Regarding the object snap settings, there is supposed to be a 'putting back' already within the system. It is intended to notice the setting at the start and then switch them back at the end. I think there might be an issue however if you change the osnap setting part way through drawing a line and then KeyLINES still puts things back to what they were before you started.  I will log the issue and also do some 'try this' 'try that' prodding around to see if I can find some consistent examples.

    Regarding the cushions, these are set out using advice from an original document about their spacing (I think it might have been from Devon). The issue is that if you move the cushions further apart then it is possible for motorists to drive in-between them without going over a bump and therefore continue higher speeds. I think the best way to achieve your requirements in the short term would be to draw a separate cushion for each lane that you want, one at a time, and then try to limit the number of schemes that use different spacing.


    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions

  • RE: Export to BIM

    Hi Katherine, thank you for posting to the forum.

    I will download those dwg files now and have a look at whether there is some issue within the contents.
    I will email you back directly with details of what I find.

    Alan Mason, Product Manager, Keysoft Solutions.