• Copy paste differences between kaysign/ Autocad

    I have just finally upgraded to the latest version of Keysoft V19.6 after our wonderful IT department made it available.

    Now experiencing differences in the copy paste command between Autocad on its own and Keysign.  Also finding it does not work very well wne trying to copy from Keysign drawing to Autocad drawing, i even had one dialog box crop up saying "copy to clipboard failed".  tried shutting it all down and reopening to no avail.

    Normally in Autocad i highlight the items and then right click clipboard, copy with basepoint then paste or paste as block in the destination drawing.  When doing this for signs in Keysign this method does not work it asks you to select the objects after selecting the basepoint when the objects have already been previously selected. and it doesn't paste into the autocad drawing everytime, sometimes when it  does it moves the text etc to distort the desired image.

    Why is it different?


  • Finer details of Keypost

    Will you be running courses for the imtermediate / advanced user of Keypost?  Reason for asking is some of the sign designs received from the post manufacturer have produced different results from the Keypost software, obviously down to safety factors, windloadings used etc. Desire to have further background knowledge on where and how they are used, e.g. site assessed by manufacturer as being 570N/m2 windloading from a wind loading map which represented 300N/m2, so the sign manufacturer used almost 100% safety factor based on this.  The keypost software defaults to 1200N/m2 (400%)   is the keypost software overengineering the design?